Health Care Design Features "Creating Calm: How one design team answered the complexities of neurology with a serene space"

Health Care Design  "Personal Response"

Transformation of a radiation oncology center became a personal journey at R H D

Contract Magazine Features "Room forThought"

R H D creates a spiritual retreat for contemplation, reflection and prayer within a hospital setting

Interior Design Features "Color & Psychotherapy"

Faber Birren comments on the environmental and  psychological aspects of color.

Designer Features Graduate Student Lounge

Religious institution gets a bold new design for its Graduate Student Center

FX Features "If We Can Make One Child Laugh"

Creating a special healing environment to foster the physical and spiritual recovery of seriously ill children

Assorted Articles:

Contract's "Color Line"

R&HD's "Solutions Abstracting a Waterfront


Hospital Interior Architecture by Jain Malkin

      " Neonatal Intensive Care" Project

AP " Color is Important"